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10 April: The What's in Your Pond? project received some welcome publicity today thanks to BBC Radio Lancashire and the Ted Robbins Show.

During a 15 minute interview David Orchard, coordinator of the What's in Your Pond? project, explained why this survey is important and why garden ponds are good for wildlife. He also had time to explain how wonderful our amphibians are ...and demolish someone's long-held belief that all amphibians are also reptiles (??!).

Please do your best to publicise this project whenever you can - the more people who know about it, the more records we can collect!

Ted Robbins at Radio Lancashire

Ted Robbins holding the What's in Your Pond? leaflet


7 April: Spring is finally here! Several weeks later than the usual frog spawning time, reports of mating frogs are now coming in from across the North West. Mild weather and showers are forecast for the coming week - ideal for amphibians.

If you have a garden pond, look out for the arrival of frogspawn over the next few weeks and let us know what you find by entering the information online using one of our Survey pages:


Greater Manchester


26 March: Most adult frogs are likely to be in or near the pond now, but due to the unseasonally cold weather most have yet to lay their spawn. As soon as we have a few days of mild, sunny weather keep a close eye on your ponds for signs of activity!

Our first report of frogspawn was sent in by Christine Owen, who found one clump of spawn in a small garden pond in Fleetwood on 11 February 2013.


What's In Your Pond?